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LWVAZ Pros and Cons of the Ballot Initiatives

Know the Facts!

The League of Women Voters of Arizona will be working to analyze and provide pros and cons for 2020 Ballot Initiatives!

Citizens of Arizona may initiate legislation as either a state statute or a constitutional amendment. In Arizona, citizens also have the power to repeal legislation via veto referendum. The Arizona State Legislature may place measures on the ballot as legislatively referred constitutional amendments or legislatively referred state statutes. In addition, the Arizona Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers is one of only a few state committees that have the power to place measures on the ballot.

In Arizona, the number of signatures needed to place a measure on the ballot is based on the total number of votes cast for the governor in the preceding election.

The following are the requirements for the types of citizen-initiated measures in Arizona:

* Initiated Constitutional Amendment: 15 percent of the votes cast for governor
* Initiated State Statute: 10 percent of the votes cast for governor
* Veto Referendum: 5 percent of the votes cast for governor